Your need for safe operation. We make sure your system is always in operation

Maximum yield at optimal operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your sun plant system will only deliver the full return on your investment if it runs as smoothly as possible through life. It doesn’t need to be a short circuit in the inverter, which can be repaired in warranty. It may instead be a rodent has chewed a wire above, or sudden shadow on a solar panel from weeds, bird droppings, or behaved antennas, flagpoles, etc. This means that there is a potential time frame in which the plant will not produce power, as will have a direct effect on the return.

If inspections and maintenance work is not carried out, it can result in damage to the components, and even worse necessitate even major repairs. Damage such as from lightning or older cables catching fire due to overheating can cause losses of up to 10 percent of the expected dividends. Lack of maintenance of components under warranty, can cause the warranty shall expire at the lack of service or if service requirements are not met by the manufacturer’s requirements.

It is therefore important to Blue Cells skilled staff, is responsible for the proper service of components, with appropriate time interval, so that all guarantees are maintained throughout the duration!

For some producers (especially inverter manufacturers) requires certified techniques visits for maintaining warranty duration and paid parts in this phase. Blue Cells can relieve you from these concerns. Today, carries Blue Cells already upkeep and maintenance of a total volume of more than 400 kW. As a professional operator in the market, we combine professional monitoring with preventive maintenance to ensure optimum output of your solar panels.

We offer a wide array of services services, which can be selected and combined according to individual needs.