We make sure your system is always in operation when needed

Your own login

Your own online access to your system allows you to see all the important data. All operating data and statistics are updated online at 30 minute intervals and logged so you can monitor all components in real time, regardless of which manufacturer is used.

Annual Inspection

Our professionally trained staff perform annual service and maintenance checks where we check all hardware components and ensure that the system not only deliver what it needs, but also maintain the security of the system acc. Fire and other personal issues.

On-site maintenance

Whether it is the high grass around your plant or it is bird droppings and fatty particles that obstruct your plant from optimal operation, it takes Blue Cells address this with our annual on-site maintenance. This is a natural step in our maintaining optimal operation of your system.

Inverter maintenance

The inverter is the engine of the system. An ideal operating environment, improve efficiency, and is also a prerequisite for maintaining warranty claims against the manufacturer in the event of a crash. Therefore, the inverter have proper heating and cooling conditions all the time. This is achieved by regularly change or clean the filters with software updates of the inverter which ensure an optimal operation.

Comprehensive insurance on your system

We can assure our customers that the price of repairs never exceed a certain price, this is what we call a photovoltaic comprehensive insurance.
As a result, the cost is computable for the PV system and can be included in the profitability calculations.